From Web Guiding to a Complete Offer for Quality Management

The successful story of BST begins in 1979 in Bielefeld, with new products for web guiding that would revolutionize the market: with heretofore unknown reliability for the quality assurance of production procedures and the increase of productivity in web processing industries. Later on, the BST company, now a subsidiary of the number one company for intelligent automation solutions worldwide, EMG Automation, increases its technological advancement. Today, EMG Automation is part of elexis AG, which in turn belongs to the SMS Group. As a complete provider of quality management systems for the web processing industries, the BST Group has successfully established itself on the market internationally. 

Bundled Competence – Continuous Growth

Important large customers settle on BST technologies early on. In the 1980’s, the BST product portfolio is substantially expanded with video web monitoring, automation, and register controls. New branch offices, subsidiaries, and cooperations come into being in Europe, America, and Asia. 

In the year 2012, with AccuWeb, Inc., one of the leading providers of control technology, joins the BST Group. Founded in 1984, AccuWeb sets industry standards with a broad product portfolio that has to do with sensors, control devices, actuators, and guiding devices. As a result, the BST Group has simultaneously become the market leader for measurement and control technology in the USA. In the same year, BST ProControl – which emerged from the established companies betacontrol Measurement and Control Technology and P2T Protagon Process Technologies – also became part of the BST Group. In the new, strengthened network, BST is continuing to set standards in quality management and process optimization. 

In 2014, with eltromat, the pioneer and worldwide leading producer of optical quality measurement and control systems became a member of the BST family. Founded in 1960, even in the 1960s, in Leupoldshöhe in East Westphalia, eltromat developed the first register control with electronic color control. With the first camera-based color web monitoring device worldwide, 100% inspection system, plate scanner, and integrated print quality system, eltromat was responsible for outstanding technical innovations.

The successful businesses BST eltromat and BST ProControl as well as the AccuWeb brand, among others, belong to the BST Group today. Together, with additional subsidiaries and international agents, they win customers over worldwide with a one-of-a-kind product portfolio for quality management in the web processing industries.