BST Group: Assured Quality for the Web Processing Industries

The BST Group is one of the leading full-service providers of systems for quality management in the web-processing industries worldwide. BST systems do not just ensure consistent, first-class results in roll-to-roll production, but also play a significant part in the acceleration of processes and sustainable increase in productivity

With many decades of experience, today, the BST Group represents first-class solutions for web guiding, web monitoring, 100% inspection, color measurement, color management, register control, automation, and process optimization and control. Worldwide, our products are used in various branches: from the printing and packaging industries to coating and converting applications and the production of films, rubber, and tires, all the way to the manufacturing of solar cells and batteries.

As a complete provider of quality management systems, we make effective contributions to accelerating production procedures and the sustainable increase of productivity – in your business, too, if you’d like. Whether it is individual components, standard applications or complex, networked systems: with lots of know-how and decades of experience, we develop optimal solutions for your individual production needs.


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