Present Worldwide: The BST Network for Service, Sales, and Production

The BST Group has already completed more than 100,000 installations in over 100 countries. Comprehensive service offers are an integral component of our offerings – and for customers on all continents, it is an important reason to decide on BST, now more than ever. Individually customized. Reliably accessible. Highly efficient. That is how BST service takes care of improved production processes and product qualities throughout almost the entire world – and therefore, for completely satisfied customers.

With our global sales, production, and service network, we are always wherever you need our services. Our experienced teams advise and accompany you from the creation of an offer to commissioning all the way to after sales service worldwide and develop solutions for every application. You can find BST service locations in 15 countries worldwide. Internationally, more than 80 technicians are in the field, on the go for us. That is how our specialists reach you quickly, if needed. 

Good to know: We see ourselves as a service provider whose task is only completed when our systems are integrated into your production processes for maximum benefit. And: of course we will continue to be accessible to you.

Technical Service with a Greater Value

BST Systems work extraordinarily reliably. If a problem should occur, the quick repair or a supply of replacement parts is decisive. You can profit from our repair and replacement parts service exactly when you need immediate assistance. We ship worldwide and use the fastest shipping methods possible.

The use of a technician on location is not necessary for every malfunction. BST service technicians can frequently already fix malfunctions by remote access or limit errors in the framework of their analysis.

Simply More Service

Profit with the BST Group businesses, with simply more service, such as with...

...our always reachable, knowledgeable sales team,
...our experienced project management teams, which understand your applications and can achieve the most possible in every case,
...our service staff, who is quick to react, in order to reliably support you on location, and...
...our engaged instructional trainers, who help you to utilize the full potential of your systems.  

Sales Strength Across Regions

In distribution, the companies of the BST Group widely set the standard for internationally active sales specialists. They make up the intersection between products and customers and always have an open ear for your requests. Our sales employees guarantee that every investment in a BST product is a decision for success and profitability for you.

The BST Group is optimally positioned in all relevant markets in the web processing industries. Even affiliated companies profit from the sales strengths of the global player – a benefit that is especially noticeable when new products are introduced and in Asia’s growing markets. The joint development as well as the respective individual further development of the BST companies offer many synergies.