Electronic Engineer

Area of work

Electronic engineers are needed for manufacturing, testing and troubleshooting of high end real-time vision and high-speed control systems. Systems are for the information and communication technology or measurement and testing technology. Electronic engineers work in a wide range of areas. They work mainly in medium-sized and larger industrial companies, which manufacture, assemble and maintain electronic systems, appliances and components. The traditional tasks include single-unit production, switch cabinet construction, apparatus engineering and circuit board production including the professional soldering of individual components. To guarantee the best possible work, we expect familiarity working with ERP and PPS systems along with qualified knowledge of materials plus have good communication skills.


Secondary school leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss), A-levels or equivalent qualification, preferably with a technical focus.

Length of apprenticeship

The apprenticeship normally lasts 3 ½ years, but can be shortened by six months in exceptional cases if the apprentice is particularly capable.

Place of training


Content of the apprenticeship

  • Analysis of electrotechnical systems and testing of their functionality
  • Production of electromechanical and electrical components
  • Testing of circuit boards and their repair
  • Assembly and wiring of components and appliances of energy, communication and drive technology
  • Inspection, measurement, adjustment and comparison of components and appliances
  • Commissioning of components and appliances
  • Repair of components and appliances
  • Switch cabinet construction and commissioning of complete systems