BST ProControl: Innovative Measurement Technology for Flat Web Materials

BST ProControl offers a comprehensive range of services for quality control using touch-free and damage-free sensors – for 100% reliable results. BST ProControl is part of the BST Group and thus benefits from the synergies of a strong and experienced network.


BST ProControl GmbH was formed in 2013 from the companies betacontrol GmbH and Protagon Process Technologies GmbH, which had been established on the market for many years. Consequently, BST ProControl combines the extensive know-how of both companies in the area of production optimization, in the measurement of flat web materials, and in measurement and control technology for paper and coating processes.

Numerous Applications, Compelling Benefits

BST ProControl covers a wide spectrum of services for material inspections in the production process, including with


plastic and metal films,
nonwoven materials,
technical textiles,
floor coverings, and


BST ProControl shows its total commitment to shaping your production processes even more effectively, such as through the


reduction of waste,
savings of raw materials and energy,
increase of productivity, and
minimization of maintenance time.

BST ProControl at a Glance

  • International leader in layer thickness and basis weight measurement
  • Technology leader for measurement, guiding, and control solutions for flat web materials
  • Innovative measurement and control systems for quality assurance in tire manufacturing
  • Novel high-tech sensor solutions for the non-contact measurement of almost all materials
  • Special measurement solutions for the continuous quality monitoring of flat web high-tech textiles
  • SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 software for full HD visualization and the capability for real-time PC control
  • Development of INDICON software to capture, evaluate, and visualize measurement results

BST ProControl: Services

  • Quality control of flat web materials
  • Technical solutions for measurement and monitoring
  • Development and implementation of quality control systems
  • Online measurement in the production process
  • Precise registration, touch-free measurement, and the continuous monitoring and evaluation of

    • basis weight / basis-related mass,
    • (layer) thickness,
    • density,
    • humidity,
    • speed,
    • length,
    • ash,
    • coat weight, and
    • optical characteristics

BST ProControl: Products at a Glance

  • Sensors for

    • the measurement of optical interference,
    • the measurement of radiation absorption,
    • distance measurement with a camera,
    • temperature measurement with a thermal imaging camera, and
    • transmission or reflection measurement procedures

  • Scanners
  • Stand-alone measurement systems
  • Data analysis systems


Managing Directors: Kristian Jünke, Dr. Johann-Carsten Kipp, Dr. Gunter Tautorus


BST eltromat International GmbH
Location Wenden
Industriestraße 1
57482 Wenden | Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 05206 999-0